What is an LPCC?

LPCC stands for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. This license was earned through my graduate studies, training and testing requirements in the state of Ohio.  It signifies I maintain the standards set forth by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board.  It is also a credential that qualifies for mental health insurance reimbursement. 

However, my training has been and continues to be more extensive.  In fact, I spend more time and money on education and training now than when I was working toward my LPCC.  This is because the advances in many fields, such as neuroscience, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis continue to impact the ways we understand emotional problems and suffering.  Some of this training is discussed in the section Education and Training.

“I am committed to continued training and education that goes far beyond that required for LPCC certification.  This means your problems will be treated using the most current information and research we have on them”