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Physical Touch in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Transforming Trauma Through Embodied PracticeBooks

Forthcoming 2022: Physical Touch in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: Transforming Trauma through Embodied Practice. Routledge.

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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Book Review of "The Authority of Tenderness: Dignity and the True Self in Psychoanalysis"
Transactional Analysis Journal. Forthcoming

Emancipation from Institutionalization: A case study on transgenerational hauntings
Transactional Analysis Journal, April, 2022

Working in the Terrain of the Damaged Self Core
Transactional Analysis Journal, July, 2018; 51:3, 241-253

Book Review of "Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing"
Transactional Analysis Journal, October 2018; 48:3, 288-290.

Book Review of "Unrepressed Unconscious, Implicit Memory, and Clinical Work"
Transactional Analysis Journal, January, 2018; 48:1, 77-79.

A model of informed physical contact in psychotherapy
Transactional Analysis Journal, January 2017, Vol. 48:1, 18-32.

When Transgressing Standard Therapeutic Frames Leads to Progressive Change, Not Ethical Violations: Secret Garden Work
Transactional Analysis Journal, October, 2016; vol. 46, 4: pp. 288-298.

Book Review of "Relational Patterns, Therapeutic Presence: Concepts and Practice of Integrative Psychotherapy."
Transactional Analysis Journal, October, 2015, 45:3, 240-241.

Are Games, Enactments, and Reenactments Similar? No, Yes, It Depends
Transactional Analysis Journal, April, 2015; vol. 45, 2: pp. 117-127.

When Relief Replaces Loss: Parental Hatred That Forecloses Loving Attachment
Transactional Analysis Journal, October, 2014; Vol. 44, 4: pp. 255-267.

Combining Traditional Ego State Theory and Relational Approaches to Transactional Analysis in Working with Trauma and Dissociation
Transactional Analysis Journal, July 2013; vol. 43, 3: pp. 186-196.

Integrating Neurological Findings with Transactional Analysis in Trauma Work:  Linking "There and Then Self-States" With "Here and Now Ego States"
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Time, Space, Attention, and the Awakening of a Fundamentally New Experience: Addressing Unconscious Processes
Transactional Analysis Journal, April 2008; vol. 38, 2: pp. 139-150.